Welcome to Yourown Wiki

Welcome to Yourown Wiki. This wiki is here so that people who like to create their own worlds, games, ideas etc. can write down their ideas. This space is also so that users here can receive feedback on their creations and edit them easily. Please do not steal ideas from users, think how you might like it if this happened to you. If you want to create a new page, you can type the name of your article here

All that said, enjoy this wiki, feel free to add your own pages. To start off category pages have been added. If what you have done doesn't match any of the above categories, send a message to Infernos5 explaining what you feel should be added as a category.

Games are everything from Card-Games to Third Persons to "Tag, you're it!" If you have made one you would like to share add the Games Category Tag at the bottom of your main page.

Anything from a single novel to an epic saga, or a novel on something that already exists. Got one? Tag it with the Stories Category at the bottom of your main page.


If you have designed a city or have thought up your own universe in your head, this is the right category for it.

Designed a battle-suit, vehicle, alien or a new character? Invented a new weapon? Tag it with this category.

If you have designed something, something you don't mind someone else using, the suggestion category is the right one for it.

Any information on any page is the thought property of that page's creator.

Creating a New Page

When creating a new page for your own creations, please put your creation's name e.g. If I were talking about a game called "Abyss" and I wanted to make a new page about the Plasma Gun, I would call my page;

"Abyss:Plasma Gun" or "Abyss:Weapons" with a sub-heading "Plasma Gun"

Also, do not use re-directs please, others might use the same name for something, e.g. If two players have a weapon called the Plasma Gun, having one player create re-direct would cause problems for the other.

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